Kvistgaard, Denmark

Kvistgaard, Denmark

Bavarian Nordic's headquarters are located in Kvistgaard, Denmark. The site employs approximately 270 people and houses the company's administration, production facility, IT, quality control laboratories and quality assurance.



Manager, Process Development

Working as Manager for the Manufacturing Support team in the Process Development department. Employed since 2004.

"My first job in Bavarian Nordic was as Data Manager in Technical Operations. I later shifted to the Process Development department, which I helped start up and I am now managing one of the teams in the department.

In Process Development, we work with many different tasks such as studies to develop or optimize production processes, support to tech transfer of production processes to the production department, trending of production data, design and execution of development stability studies, and general scientific support to e.g. deviations and investigations.

I enjoy working at Bavarian Nordic and the great diversity of our tasks, which makes the work very exciting and versatile. The company has been through a huge development during the last years, and there have always been many new and interesting challenges and opportunities to develop in your job. So even after 10 years with Bavarian Nordic, I still get motivated by working together with very skilled colleagues to reach our goals, and I’m looking forward to the many new challenges ahead of us."



Senior Specialist, QC

Working as Senior Specialist in the Quality Control department. Employed since 2008.

"I started at Bavarian Nordic just after I graduated from the university in 2008. In my first years, I was rotating between various departments, filling in as a maternity cover or as an additional resource in relation to larger projects. I then applied for a permanent position in Quality Control where I’m still employed today. Starting as scientist, I moved on to become manager and I now hold the position as Senior Specialist.

Throughout all my positions I have been involved in stability testing of the various products manufactured by Bavarian Nordic. I particularly like this task as it requires a lot of cross functional work throughout the organization – locally as well as with our other sites in Munich and California. My role has shifted from hands-on work to a more overall strategic and project related approach. This has added a new dimension to my career, but I still enjoy a close relationship with my colleagues in Quality Control.

I love working at Bavarian Nordic as it is a dynamic company which constantly evolves. The company offers freedom with responsibility and the opportunity to work with new and challenging tasks. This leads to both professional and personal development. The company also offers attractive staff benefits such as a great canteen and health insurance. And our staff club arranges fun activities throughout the year."



QA Specialist

Worked in the Quality Assurance department since 2007.

"In QA, I work with qualification of equipment, utilities and facility and validation of processes, e.g. sterilization and decontamination. Additionally, I carry out routine tasks like handling of deviations, change requests, risk analysis and more.

Recently, my colleagues and I have been dedicated to a project regarding the building, establishment and qualification of a new unit for the future commercial production of PROSTVAC – our prostate cancer immunotherapy candidate. Although comprehensive, it has been an exciting project, and I value the insight it has given me into new areas, e.g. construction, utility installations and technologies within biochemistry and virology. 

Even though Bavarian Nordic has grown tremendously during my time, it is still a small company where you know almost all your colleagues. The size of the company also allows you to perform tasks that in larger companies would be more specialized, and that brings joy and pleasure into your daily work life.

I am proud that the company has such a dedicated vision of bringing modern and effective vaccines to the market to treat and prevent diseases that pose great challenges to our health worldwide. And for the first time in my working life, I am able to reach my company on bike which is such a great pleasure to me!"



Production Coordinator

"I have been working at Bavarian Nordic since 2005, first as a Process Operator in a newly started vaccine production line and now as a Production Coordinator in charge of coordination and planning for bulk production and across the organisation.

Highly competent colleagues with a professional approach challenge me as a person to achieve even more, and they motivate both me and my colleagues.

It's exciting to work in an international and dynamic company with good development opportunities and challenges waiting for me in the future.

Flexibility and freedom with responsibility are what drive the industrial development of Bavarian Nordic in vaccine production and, most importantly, what drive its staff, with competent employees in different fields.

To me, Bavarian Nordic is more than a workplace: it's got lots of culture and room for diversity."