MVA-BN Brachyury

Immunotherapy candidate for the treatment of metastatic cancer and chordoma


MVA-BN Brachyury is a cancer immunotherapy candidate based on our live virus platform. It is designed to induce a robust T-cell immune response against brachyury, a tumor-associated antigen that is overexpressed in major solid tumor indications. Brachyury is reported to play a key role in the metastasis and progression of tumors. Tumors that overexpress brachyury are believed to be highly resistant to current therapies and are associated with decreased survival rates.

While Bavarian Nordic retains worldwide commercial rights to MVA-BN Brachyury in multiple cancer indications, the clinical development is sponsored by the NCI with whom we continue to work with to
evaluate the product candidate.

An NCI-sponsored, open label Phase 1 trial (NCT02179515) of MVA-BN Brachyury in 38 patients with metastatic cancer or chordoma was reported in 2015. The objective of the trial was to determine the safety and tolerability of escalating doses of MVA-BN Brachyury and to evaluate immunologic responses as measured by an increase in brachyury-specific T-cells. Data from this trial demonstrated for the first time that an MVA-BN based vaccine targeting brachyury can induce brachyury-specific T-cell immune responses in advanced cancer patients. MVA-BN Brachyury was well-tolerated with no dose limiting toxicities. The maximum tolerated dose was not reached and no serious adverse vaccine-related events were observed.