Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine candidate


MVA-BN RSV is our product candidate in clinical development for the  prevention of RSV. The vaccine has been specifically designed to target 5 different RSV proteins to ensure a broad immune response against both RSV subtypes (A & B). Extensive preclinical studies have shown that MVA-BN RSV induces a balanced immune response comprised of both antibodies and T cells, in a similar fashion to the natural response to an RSV infection.

Results from a Phase 1 study in 63 healthy adults, aged 18-65, were reported in May 2016, demonstrating that MVA-BN RSV was well tolerated  and induced a significant increase in antibodies and T cells in humans against both RSV subtypes. Also of note was the production of IgA, a specialized antibody that is transported from the blood to the mucosal surfaces (e.g. nose, throat, lungs) potentially allowing for protection against RSV at the point of infection/inflammation. These results provide a clear rationale for moving into larger trials, and Bavarian Nordic initiated a Phase 2 dose finding study in 400 elderly subjects in October 2016. Top line results from this study were announced in June 2017.

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