Prostate cancer immunotherapy candidate

PROSTVAC (rilimogene galvacirepvec/rilimogene glafolivec, or “rilimogene”) is a prostate specific antigen (PSA)-targeted immunotherapy candidate designed to enhance or stimulate the body’s immune response, specifically T cells that will home to and kill prostate cancer cells, altering the course of the disease and improving overall survival of patients with prostate cancer. PROSTVAC employs two poxviruses (vaccinia and fowlpox) in a prime-boost vaccine regimen.

A robust data package has been established that includes 19 ongoing or completed clinical studies, comprising more than 2,000 patients, the majority of which have been actively treated with PROSTVAC, which has been generally well-tolerated.

Data to date suggest that PROSTVAC has potential in combination with other therapies and/or in earlier stages of the disease.

  • When PSA-TRICOM is presented to the immune system in the PROSTVAC regimen, cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) are generated that may recognize and kill PSA-expressing cancer cells
  • A cascade effect may also occur, which may overcome the immunosuppressive cancer microenvironment and lead to immune recognition of other tumor-associated antigens

PROSTVAC is being developed in partnership with the National Cancer Institute under a formal Collaborative Research and Development Agreement and has been the subject of 9 completed and 10 ongoing clinical studies.

19 ongoing or completed PROSTVAC clinical studies

  Completed Ongoing
Phase 1 4 -
Phase 2 4 10
Phase 3 1* -
Total 9 10
Total patients 1,600+ 500+

* discontinued