PROSTVAC Combination Studies

The potential ability of active immunotherapy to slow the growth rate of targeted cancers provides the rationale to evaluate these therapeutic candidates in combination with other agents. In the case of PROSTVAC, this includes combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors, anti-androgen therapies or ADT, and radiation therapy. Ongoing and planned studies are evaluating the potential benefits of combining PROSTVAC with each of these therapeutic modalities.

The postulated mechanisms of action of Bavarian Nordic’s active immunotherapies and checkpoint inhibitors suggest that they may be well suited for combined use.

Checkpoint inhibitors are postulated to amplify the anticancer activities of PROSTVAC

Checkpoint Inhibitors

Immune checkpoint inhibitors have robust clinical activity, but in only a fraction of patients treated. Their unfocused immune activation leads to toxicity concerns. By contrast, active immunotherapies may provide improvements in long-term outcome, but less significant short-term response. Their activity may be modulated by checkpoint inhibition.

Preliminary evidence from early clinical studies suggests potential benefit from the combination of PROSTVAC and checkpoint inhibition.