Company Overview

Bavarian Nordic focuses on developing product candidates to address cancer and infectious diseases by leveraging several core strengths:

Icon-Revenue Existing revenue generation advances our growth
Our existing revenue generation from our research and development, supply contracts, and commercial partnerships can be used to invest in the  advancement of our clinical pipeline.
Icon-Technology Modular and proprietary vaccine technology
Our vaccine platform takes a modular approach to live virus vaccine development and is based on the use of different types of poxviruses, notably our MVA-BN viral vector with a favorable safety profile. These viruses can be used in various combinations for both the prime and booster applications in both cancer and infectious diseases.
Icon-Manufacturing Commercial-scale cGMP production facility
Our ability to effectively and efficiently produce our live virus vaccines has been demonstrated by our production of more than 28 million doses of MVA-BN smallpox vaccine and more than 2 million doses of our MVA-BN Filo product candidate for Ebola to date, as well as production of all clinical materials.
Icon-Relationships Ongoing relationships with government agencies
We have entered into research and development contracts with the U.S. Government worth more than USD 1.2 billion in revenue. Contract partners include HHS, NIH, BARDA, NCI, DOD, and the DHS, spanning multiple disease areas and biological threats.
Icon-Collaborations Industry partnerships and collaborations
We have entered a broad partnership with Janssen, under which we have outlicensed our MVA-BN vaccine technology for Ebola, HPV, HIV and Hepatitis B vaccines. In addition, we are collaborating with Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche and AstraZeneca to explore our cancer immunotherapy candidates in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors from their companies.