José, Manager, Immunology

José, Manager, Immunology

José is Manager of Immunology Research at our R&D site in Martinsried, Germany. Employed since 2015

In our research group we investigate the immunogenicity and the therapeutic efficacy of our vaccine candidates against tumors and infectious diseases. We design proof-of-concept experiments in vitro and in vivo to select the best vaccine candidates. Once a candidate stands out, we assess its therapeutic potential in our in-house mouse models. Understanding the mechanism of action of the vaccine permits us the generation of inventive and novel intellectual property, as well as the evaluation of our vaccine candidates combined with other therapeutic strategies. 

Delivering a clinical product that could make a change in patients’ lives is my main driver.

In Bavarian Nordic you can participate in every step of the process of producing vaccines – from the discovery, to the development, to the production and to releasing the product - which allows you to see the whole process and not just a frame of it. You can be the driver of change and not just a part of it. 

Our collaboration between peers strengthens our ability to push projects forward and adapt with agility to the challenges and opportunities we face in our work.