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Student Assistant, People and Organization, Denmark

tarekIn the HR team we are responsible for a wide variety of tasks, which truly gives me a lot of opportunity for learning. I improve everyday and get to be part of a dynamic team where we communicate open-mindedly. There is room for all of us to pitch our ideas regarding how to go about a task. No idea is too far out, and everything can be debated and reflected upon in our team.

“Being part of a company that saves lives means a lot for me.”

Some of the tasks I am involved in are admin tasks in relation to recruitment, planning and participating in fairs, data-orientated assignments, and employer branding initiatives to name a few.

Being part of a company that saves lives means a lot for me, and it gives me a huge feeling of purpose and meaning. It also makes me set up a high standard, so I meet the expectations. At the same time, it does not scare me to make a mistake, as we have a strong work-culture of helping one another and assisting each other’s shortcomings.