Taylor, Clinical Research Assistant

Taylor, Clinical Research Assistant

Taylor is Clinical Research Assistant at our site in Morrisville, NC, USA. Employed since 2017

In my job as Clinical Research Assistant, I get the opportunity to learn something new every day and develop my professional skill-set. Not one day is similar, and I find it extremely empowering to face new challenges in my work.

I get to interact with a lot of different stakeholders in the process of carrying out successful clinical studies, where I am responsible for handling various administrative tasks - including processing invoices, collecting documents, organizing various shipments and orders and assisting Clinical Process Leads with tasks.

What I really enjoy about working in Bavarian Nordic is the mutual respect you’ll find among the colleagues, regardless of position and title. Since I started working at Bavarian Nordic I have discovered how my colleagues have a genuine interest in seeing me grow, which is extremely motivating. I believe that our ability to be excellent in Bavarian Nordic derives from our determination to succeed all while helping each other along the way.