Cancer Immunotherapy

Bavarian Nordic is leveraging its MVA-BN platform technology to advance its next generation of immuno-oncology candidates. The Company aims to activate a targeted immune response, arming the body’s own immune system to seek and destroy cancer cells. 

Providing the body with as many tools as possible significantly increases its chances to eradicate the disease. This tactic includes: priming antigen-specific T-cell activation; inducing T-cell expansion, migration and invasion into tumor sites; modifying tumor microenvironments to allow T-cell function and killing; induction of natural killer cells to account for tumor cells that cannot be recognized by T-cells; and overcoming T-cell inhibitory (checkpoint) signals. 

Bavarian Nordic's strategy is to incorporate as many of these tools as possible in order to produce safe, potent and sustained anticancer activity in common and rare solid tumors. This strategy leverages the Company’s experience with prior product candidates, which have been extensively studied in various tumor types and continue to provide important learnings through a number of investigator-sponsored studies.

The evolution of Bavarian Nordic’s immuno-oncology platform has expanded into developing innovative delivery methods for its drug candidates. Intra-tumoral (directly into the tumor) injections and intravenous administrations are promising approaches that stand to utilize broader aspects of the immune response while improving T cell activation and function. Clinical trials evaluating both of these new approaches have been initiated in 2020.