In July 2020, Bavarian Nordic licensed a capsid virus like particle (cVLP) COVID-19 vaccine candidate from AdaptVac.

The vaccine candidate, ABNCoV2 has shown to be highly immunogenic in relevant pre-clinical models inducing durable responses equivalent to high convalescent sera from patients that have recovered from COVID-19. These responses have led to the demonstration of a durable and highly protective response from a COVID-19 challenge. Coupled with the ease of production and the ability to rapidly adapt the vaccine platform to new potentially more deadly variants, ABNCoV2 looks like a highly promising candidate.

Supported by a Horizon 2020 EU grant, AdaptVac has initiated the first-in-human study of the vaccine candidate in March 2021, and Bavarian Nordic has decided to move the ABNCoV2 project forward by investing in a phase 2 clinical trial and to scale up manufacturing to phase 3 volume levels in preparation for further clinical development towards licensure.

The Phase 2 study will investigate the ability of ABNCoV2 to boost existing immunity through prior infection or vaccination, to create a more durable immune response that could protect against the current circulating variants of COVID-19. In parallel the Company will continue to seek funding to further progress the candidate towards licensure.