Phase 1 ongoing

TAEK-VAC represents a next generation immuno-oncology candidate, which leverages our MVA-BN platform technology, purposed to arm the body’s own immune system to seek and destroy cancer cells. Providing the body with as many tools as possible significantly increases its chances to eradicate the disease. This tactic includes: priming antigen-specific T-cell activation; inducing T-cell expansion, migration and invasion into tumor sites; modifying tumor microenvironments to allow T-cell function and killing; induction of natural killer cells to account for tumor cells that cannot be recognized by T-cells; and overcoming T-cell inhibitory (checkpoint) signals.

A Phase 1 open label trial of intravenous administration of the vaccine candidate in patients with advanced HER2 and brachyury-expressing cancers is ongoing. During 2022, the first stage of the study was completed, confirming the dose for stage 2, which has now opened for enrollment. In this stage, two cohorts will initially enroll patients with either chordoma (TAEK-VAC given as monotherapy) or HER2-positive breast cancer (TAEK-VAC in combination treatment with trastuzumab). Once safety of the combination treatment has been established in the second cohort, two further combination treatment cohorts will be opened for recruitment

Ongoing or planned trials

Phase 1 Trial of Intravenous Administration of TAEK-VAC-HerBy Vaccine Alone and in Combination With HER2 Antibodies in Patients With Advanced Cancer.
Location: USA
Read more: NCT04246671