Data Ethics Policy

The Data Ethics Policy describes Bavarian Nordic’s commitment to a high standard of data processing and summarizes in a transparent manner our ethical values and morals in relation to data and privacy.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We are committed to create and maintain an attractive workplace that embraces all the people that share our vision and values and creating a culture of diversity and inclusion. To guide our actions and improve transparency of our efforts, we have adopted this policy.

Remuneration Policy

Policy for remuneration of the board and management. The policy was approved by the general meeting on March 30, 2023.

Tax Policy

The Tax Policy is approved by the Board of Directors and reviewed at least annually on the basis of the business, the organization, and the regulatory developments, and amended when deemed appropriate.

Human Rights Policy

We are committed to respecting human rights throughout our own operations, and we will continuously seek to work with suppliers and business partners in our value chain to do the same.