Our recruitment process

Bavarian Nordic connects talented people with careers and teams where they can do work they truly enjoy.

Committing to a new job is an important decision. We have a thorough hiring process that gives both you and Bavarian Nordic the best possibilities for making this decision.


Your application for a job at Bavarian Nordic should consist of a detailed CV, and for some jobs also an application, your exam papers and a criminal record.

Learning about your work experience, your skills, and your personality helps us determine whether you are qualified for the job you are applying for. This is also a great opportunity for you to tell us why Bavarian Nordic could be the perfect workplace for you- what is your motivation?

You send your application to us by clicking on Apply in the job ad.


We start out by inviting for initial interviews with a few applicants. This first interview will give you an introduction to Bavarian Nordic and a better idea of the specific position and opportunities the job entails. At this stage, you’ll learn more about the role you've applied for and what it's like to work at Bavarian Nordic. At the same time, you will have the chance to tell us about your experiences and how they apply to the job requirements.


If we both agree to continue the dialogue and go further in the process, you will be invited to an in-depth interview with more detailed information about your profile and the job. You will meet HR or/and one of your future colleagues during the 2nd interview. Now is the time for you to learn even more about Bavarian Nordic, and for us to better understand your professional experience and talents. Remember, you are interviewing us as well! This gives both parties a better basis for a decision about future employment, and both parties can harmonize their expectations with respect to a possible future working relationship.

At the 2nd interview, we will also need to see your education certificates /diplomas and depending on where in the organization you are applying to your criminal record. After the 2nd interview, we will obtain two references from previous employers, but only after receiving your prior consent.

The recruitment process may vary between our different company sites in Denmark, Germany, USA, and Switzerland.


After the second round of interviews, the hiring manager together with HR decide to whom we will offer employment, and you will be informed as to whether or not you are the one, we choose. If you receive a job offer, you can discuss the details with the hiring manager. After you accept the offer, we will work together to determine a start date, complete paperwork, and finalize other details.

We look forward to officially welcoming you to Bavarian Nordic. Together, we will continue improving and saving lives through innovative vaccines, which is at the heart of what we do in Bavarian Nordic.