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Head of Clinical Data Management 

I started at Bavarian Nordic  in November 2019, so I was only in the office for a few months before the pandemic hit. Bavarian Nordic was able to quickly adapt from the traditional office environment to a flexible work arrangement. We have an infrastructure where we can collaborate and meet virtually so you feel like you are sitting right next to your colleagues whether they are half way around the world or just down the road. Through the open environment (even if virtually) employees have a chance to understand different perspectives, interact with other functions and get a glimpse into other cultures.

“Bavarian Nordic empowers their employees to choose a path that works best for them.”

Bavarian Nordic empowers their employees to choose a path that works best for them so in my role I am able to influence strategy while still staying connected with the day to day Data Management tasks that I lam passionate about.

In my time at Bavarian Nordic, we have had many accomplishments such as starting two large Phase 3 clinical studies within the same year, using electronic patient reported outcomes for the first time, and developing robust SOPs and work instructions. As with all new advancements and approaches, they are not all successful. There have been some shortcomings along way but we are given the space to explore and determine which approach works best for us even if it was not the path we originally started on. I look forward to continuing my journey with Bavarian Nordic.