Bavarian Nordic A/S – Report on the Results of the Annual General Meeting, held 27 April 2010

The Annual General Meeting of Bavarian Nordic A/S was held today 27 April 2010 with the following results:

  • The Board of Director's Report and Financial Statement for 2009 were adopted at the General Meeting. The Board of Directors' proposal to transfer the Company's 2009 result to 2010 was also adopted.
  • The General Assembly adopted a resolution to discharge the Board of Directors and the Board of Management from their obligations.
  • Asger J. Aamund, Erling Johansen, Claus Bræstrup and Gerard van Odijk were re-elected to the Board of Directors. Furthermore, Anders Gersel Pedersen and Erik G. Hansen were elected new members of the Board of Directors. Upon his own request Flemming Pedersen was not re-elected.
  • Deloitte was re-elected as auditors.
  • The General Assembly adopted the Board of Directors' proposal regarding the following amendments:
    • Amendments of the Articles of Association in consequence of the new Danish Companies Act
    • Introduction of a new Article 5b authorizing the Board of Directors to issue warrants
    • Cancellation of Article 5e of the Articles of Association.
    • Cancellation of the quorum requirement in Article 16 of the Articles of Association.

The adoption however, could not be approved since less than half of the total share capital was represented at the Annual General Meeting. The proposals will be re-submitted for adoption at an Extraordinary General Meeting, to be convened no later than 14 days after the Annual General Meeting, in accordance with § 16 of the Articles of Association.