Investor Relations Policy

Bavarian Nordic seeks to maintain an active dialogue with shareholders, analysts, prospective investors and other stakeholders by providing open, honest and accessible information to ensure that they have the requisite knowledge to assess the Company. The Company seeks to do so by, among other things, ensuring timely and correct communication about relevant strategic, economic, financial, operational and scientific affairs of the Company. Corporate management and Investor Relations are widely available to existing as well as potential shareholders via participation in investor conferences, roadshows, investor meetings and conference calls.

Bavarian Nordic is listed on the Nasdaq Copenhagen and our communication with the capital markets complies with the disclosure rules and regulations of this exchange.

Information on this website

This website contains relevant financial statements, annual reports, share price information and information on the company's products and technology.
Company announcements and press releases are also found on this website along with the financial calendar and a list of the analysts who monitor Bavarian Nordic and issue investment recommendations.

Silent periods

During a period of four weeks before the planned release of its full year or interim financial report, Bavarian Nordic does not comment on matters related to the Group's general financial performance or expectations.